Sweet Caribou

handcrafted in alaska


artisan macarons, lunch bowls + gourmet desserts



alaska sized flavor in a petite treat

Lunch Bowls

Sweet Caribou is now taking their devotion for hand-crafting artisan desserts using local ingredients and making delicious lunch bowls delivered to your office or home. These delicious meals are designed to provide a healthy alternative to fast-food, but with more flavor. Just order here, or call or text us at 907.223.5160.



We offer unique options to meet your needs! We can deliver lunch or desserts to your office, or if its gift packs to say thank you to your clients, we can make one-time or reoccurring deliveries to simplify your life and make their day. 

News and Updates

Check out out PFD specials this Saturday, October 7. Buy a variety box, and if it contains a silver macaron, you get the box free! There will be over 15 winners split between the Southside Farmers Market and our shop- We hope to see you there!


Alaska sized flavor

We are located at 701 W 36th Ave in the Olympic Center. We're in the same building as Jens' Restaurant and Anchorage Yoga & Cycle. Call us at 907.223.5160 if you have any questions!