Sweet Caribou delivery drivers are waiting for your order! Sweet Caribou lunch bowls are made with the same devotion to quality we put into our macarons. Our commitment to you:


Our lunch bowls are made daily. We cut our veggies every morning, won’t sell you lunches made for the prior day, and make our chicken less than 24 hours before hand to give it the optimal texture.


We make or use dressings and marinades from scratch in Alaska. We do not use dressings shipped from the lower 48, thus providing the freshest and unique flavors without all the preservatives.


We strive to use local ingredients in all our products. While not always available, using local farmers and vendors ensures the quality and freshness of the product while supporting our fellow Alaskans.

Just click on your desired lunch, or text or call 907.223.5160 to have your lunch delivered today!